What actually is a religion ??

The word religion had gained a lot of political colour. It has become a powerful tool to teach discrimination among people. Religion whether we like it or not we all have one. Our instincts and emotions are directly or indirectly based on the religion. Understanding the word religion is very necessary so as to improve our tolerance and broad mindedness. Wrong conceptions about one’s religion makes one too skeptical in day-today activities or even worse as it cultivates the habit of mocking at everything we come across.

What is religion ?

Each and everyone of us are born with some ethnicity and background. This ethnicity and background is termed as religion. In simple words, religion is like a preface for a book. When a author writes a book he writes a preface to give us the idea of why and for what this work has been done. Same way religion gives us an introduction to the concept of god and spirituality. Even in a scientific view, only if we know something exists, we can explore better. People have failed to realise this and has big comments and detest towards religion. People in power used the term to break the unity. “What is the point of not liking the introduction”. To really like or dislike something we have to first understand and explore. There is no use in commenting at the introduction of a book. For instance there are many western people who are born christians and studied bible, still explore other formats of religion, in an attitude of seeking. This attitude of seeking and the inclination towards finding the truth and the harmony is called spirituality. One can never directly go to spirituality, religion is the first step. Religion creates a sense of real and genuine questions, which will help us become more matured and content. Even scientists of modern age analyse the lines mentioned in the religious texts so that they can further move towards “why something has to be written and followed, if it is not at all true”, this very question made universities like Harvard,Oxford and other notable universities to conduct experiments on various ritualistic practices of various religion and they have come up with amazing facts and a new texture to the reality.

Why should i strive the understand, can’t i be an atheist ?

An individual has every right to choose whether or not to believe or follow something. What happens when we are atheist ?, that sounds good at the start. You get to comment a lot of people and you get a spotlight and an identity, but in the longer run we may loose the sense of discipline and tolerance. We will tend to loose our senses of individual connect and we may become opaque to our own emotions, because a child will offer flower not that the child realised the god but for the feel of satisfaction. One big question atheist ask with pride is that,”is there any valid proof or do you know what you are doing?”, well, modern scientists and universities have provided enough proof for the validity and for the second part of the question, do we really study derivations or mathematics in elementary school understanding its core applications and reality?, No, we study and when we are exposed to industry we tend to realise same way religion teaches a sense of inclusions, brotherhood and love, which when we grow creates us an perception of what’s really important and not important in life. Failing to explore the religion, we may fail to become mature.


Mystic, present guru @ shambavipeetam.org ! Twitter @aascharyanandha

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