VAIRAGYA: The Overlooked Part of Mantra Sadhana.

Clarity on why mantra sadhana is actually practised.

Mantra sadhanas are practised in different styles in different places. In India mantra sadhana is more seen as a way to pray to god fo the desires to come true. The view on mantra sadhana is a sort of entirely misconcieved as time flew.

I dont deny the fact that mantras have the power to grant what they mean and mantra sadhana practised for a specific result yeilds its benefit. i would like to speak about why mantra sadhana was created on the first place.Mantra sadhana is regarded the most effective practice than ashtanga sadhana because of its tangible and chanting nature. Mantras are sounds formulated in a fashion to resonate a particular frequency. Mantras have their roots from vedas. Vedas are called as shabdha brahma, as they are considered to be created secondly after the sky element. Air is the vital element of mantra. Mantras and Music both emerge from air element, but mantras due to their incorporation with seed syllables, can be effective in contemplation whereas music becomes live only on creation. In simple words, music is a lego set whereas mantras are the concept of building itself. Anything can become mantra if framed by a master in mantra vidhya.


The art of mantra sadhana was mainly to develop the virtue of vairagya in individuals. “what is vairagya?”, In simple words vairagya means perseverence. As it may sound simple, we all strive to remain bold and persue our goals with lot of motivations. Human mind is not naturally built to percieve or persue anything for a longer period of time, but unfortunately laws of nature are different. Everything in life demands time,perseverence and patience to harvest the fruits. Mantra sadhanas are taught by a master in those days for an individual according to their natural phenomenon and asked to practice in a consistent fashion. This mantra sadhana does necessary chemical and vibrational changes ina person therefore making a person competent for their own ventures. This was why the practice of mantra sadhana first came into existence. Unfortunately masters have then started to teach mantras for the desires of their disciples and as time flew the concept of mantra sadhana was mapped to something, we do till we attain what we want. In reality vairagya is a virtue, a very important virtue which will make us a person of commitment,focus and sheer will. The fruits of practising a mantra is undeniable but they are just the by products or use case. Mantra sadhana is like the concept of internet. Just like how technologies like email, maps etc make use of internet, same way the art of mantra or mantra vidhya is broad. It is not something we use for bringing our desires or to inflict others but to transform ourselves in a perceptionally advanced way. Imagine a world without extraordinary perceptions there would be no inventions and development. If you ask me then have all those people with high perceptions had a master and did mantra sadhana, well i leave the research with you !!!



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