Tradition : An Insight !!

Sai Aascharyanandha
3 min readJun 13, 2021

Brief article narrating the misunderstanding of the fundamental of the word by Sai Aascharyanandha.

The terms orthodox and unorthodox have become more of an identity these days. Fundamentals of these words are widely misunderstood, because those words are derived from the root word,”Tradition”. In simple terms, a person who believes and reflects a particular set of ideology in manners and actions, which one has learned from a particular tradition, then one may be identified as a person being orthodox on a tradition. Being unorthodox is quite the opposite or in simple words disbelief about the same. My view on these things is quite simple, why did society on the first place make the word tradition so complicated that it gave rise to all these orthodox and unorthodox identity crisis.

an image of fire ritual in shambavi peetam by sai aascharyanandha !

Understanding the ideology behind “Traditions” !!

Traditions are mostly backed by seers, who have lived and demonstrated its integrity and benefits of learning an ideology and following the same in real life. Then usually a set of people will revere the seer as the genesis point and the ideology as supreme. This is then passed in their own generation and also to the peers or other people willing to adopt, this is how a tradition on the first place will come into existence. The whole point is basically a belief over an ideology and its benefits. This might sound complicated but in simple words, let us take a particular style of cooking, say for instance a particular dish is cooked in a specific way for centuries. One day if a creative and passionate chef tries to reinvent the same dish and succeeds on the venture and also if people accept this new dish as a better version of the older ones, then the old gets ruled off and the new becomes the reality. The same happens with the computer applications and computer hardwares. The problem here in tradition is this cycle happens with a high resistance or opposition for adoption according to modern times. In my opinion what my grandfather did in his time period is not great or rare, but thats what was available in his era. The whole point of humanity is about sharing. We are now in a world wher iron and copper is also important as water and air. I may add ancestors contibutions to my knowledge centre and develop new blocks on it but never stick to the same practices. If we people are civilized enough to understand this in terms of technology and dressing and architectures, then why cant we reconsider the ideology ?? We cant limit ourselves in particular box and call it a tradition. In my view tradition has to be viewed as an introduction, just like we know a language by birth, with the help of which we learn things as needed and compatible. The basic knowledge and integrity over a particular tradition gives us a headstart in viewing world with much better clarity.

Ideologies has to be restructured according to the time stamps we live in. Otherwise it only means that we are dwelling in the past. Any seer who invented ideology is great because they just reinvented the existing ideology in a more usable and adoptable format benefitting people. Undertanding tradition is not a box or an identity card but rather a tool to sharpen our intellect. For instance if we get into a library with a million books, we cant just surf million books we will not benefit from the library, Sameway tradition is just a definitive genre for us to really start exploring what a philiosophical, mental and internal spheres of ourselves is. It is a gateway to make our inner self more stable, so that our actions and thought process achieves an integrity.