SVAHA : The Seed Syllable of Profound Receptivity.

Narration on the seed syllable svaha and its application.

Svaha is not a new term for people in india irrespective of the religion or faith one follows. The famous seed syllable “svaha” is used in the fire ritual while offering something to fire. The same became a sarcastic word and famous by using this term when someone undergoes some loss.

What is this seed syllable all about and why it is important in our lives ??

Svaha is not only a seed syllable but also a name. Svaha devi is considered as the consort of lord Agni. It is believed in shastras and in various occult traditions that only the fire element has the power to connect spiritual and physical realms. This belief led to formulation of fire rituals by various seers. It is not only believed in India but across the world many believe that fire is a live and a bridge element which connects both realms and believed that offering to fire with right incantations and procedures will reach spiritual realms. This ability of fire to transcend worlds and to consume whatever offered is because of this Svaha devi. Svaha devi is reffered to as Agni shakthi or in simple terms the quality of consuming. It is believed that if in case Svaha devi goes away with Agni then fire would cease to have the ability to burn.


The seed syllable of Svaha devi is derived from her name itself. This svaha devi is considered as the embodiement of the aspect called receptivity. In simple words the fire rituals is like account transfer. We pay some amount, writing the details of the person we intend to send. Bank then considers the details and pays, but the point is that it is not the same serial number money but the amount will be paid, same way this devi gives agni the power of receptivity. Receptivity is an unique quality. There is difference between taking a knowledge and applying straight away and imbibing the same knowledge and finding the right proportion to use. This ability of receptivity and precise application can be attained by praying to Svaha devi. There are various stories in various puranas describing the glory of this devi. In shambavi peetam style of sri vidhya, svaha devi is viewed as a embodiement of breath itself. It is because of the inner fire we feel few emotions like hunger, passion, anger and other fire element emotions. Without this devi we would almost loose our quality of life. Svaha is not separately practiced but mantras ending with this seed syllable is given much importance. In this way the element of receptivity is strengthened.



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