To understand this we need to first know, “what is philosophy ?” And “why philosophy ?”. As we humans evolved, we started to first realise that we are living and named this sequence as life. After this realisation as a further improvement, we started realising about this inner feeling or craving towards something, which was later termed as desires or want. This desire or want forms the fundamental pillar for any philosophy. As an individual we all like to do something. If these individuals are incase sorted according to their similarity in interests of living a lifestyle, then that particular group becomes a society, their way of perceiving and understanding life becomes the philosophy of their culture. From this one thing is evident, philosophies cant be same to all and not all can fall in one basket, but the beauty is that everything can coexist. This acceptance of coexisting can be termed as tolerance. These are the main points to be understood about the philosophy. These understandings can make us a person of better tolerance and can give a better stance.

When it comes to life the fundamental of philosophy i.e the desires, plays a major role. Philosophies are like dress, which we wear after analysing and realising our desires. Philosophies can be changed but desires dont work that way, as a human being changes in state of mind and belief tends to change from exposures and experiences. When it comes to life achieving our goals and wants by nature comes above any philosophy. So succeeding in life is not dependent on philosophies, but helps in understanding and developing a clairvoyance on our ownselves. After all we are human beings, being stuck in one philosophy without taking in the perceptions of our exposures and experiences will only result in our downfall. It is always wise to stand on our intution ad desires rather than to get stuck in some formats even when we understand that, it does not work for us.


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