ADI SHANKARA : Symbol of sanyasi ???

Adi shankara was an adept spiritualist, who reformed many aspects of human values. Adi Shankara is considered as a person dedicated to hinduism but in reality he was on the side of humanity as a whole.

Why did Adi Shankara live as sanyasi ??

Adi Shankara led an ascetic life because he realised he is an ascetic. It is not because of he is an incarnation. Adi Shankara is not a religious person he is an spiritual person. He gave many shlokas and sthuthi’s pertaining to various devatas, seeking protection, wealth and holistic living. If Adi Shankara has dedicated himself to hinduism and the ascetics, why would he write shlokas to help people attain their needs. We cant box Adi Shankara, just because his medium of language is Sanskrit. Even bible is in Hebrew are we not using all over the world for the welfare of humanity ?

Myth of the word “Shankaracharya” !!!

The word Shankaracharya literally means a person who follows the doctrine of Adi Shankara. Whoever follows even one of the books or the words of Shankara can be considered as Shankaracharya. The word can’t denote asceticism because Adi Shankara did not ask everyone to become ascetic. He is one of the most astounding logicians this planet has had. We cant even box him on this indian sub-continent, as his works of philosophy is considered deep and subjected to research in various world class universities. I don’t believe in boxing Adi Shankara to brahmanism. He helped in restoring the missing parts of the vedas, that doesn’t mean he totally belonged there. The four or five peetam he established is an initiative towards people to clarify the subjective misconceptions on vedas. It is more of an academic initiative.

Adi Shankara

Adi shankara truly is an Author,logician and a philanthropist, who dedicated his life to the welfare of humanity. He has contributed number of shlokas and philosophical work not to any particular sect or religion. Each work is an initiative for the humanity. His approach is more towards holistic living. He led an ascetic life because he liked to ! Just because of that we can’t make him the symbol of sanyasi. That would only reflect on our ignorance. Let us not box such a beautiful being and give him the shades of what he is not !!!



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